People always ask me why I chose the name Beach Glass Transitions. The inspiration for a beach theme in the company logo and color scheme came from my love of all things beachy.  

I’ve always surrounded myself with things collected at the beach. Whether it is beach sand in the bottom of a vase, sea shells and starfish decorating my bookshelf or beach glass wind chimes, I love the look and feel of the beach in my home. Besides being beautiful, beach artifacts are calming and warm. They inspire thoughts and memories of summers and vacations, family and friends, good books and carefree fun in the sun. I think for most people the beach evokes similar positive feelings that I would be grateful to have associated with my business.  Moreover, the associations with calming relaxation are relevant to what we do. We make an often stressful and scary transition more peaceful.  

Once I knew I wanted a beach theme for my company, settling on Beach Glass was an easy decision. A piece of beautiful beach glass starts out as just another glass bottle somewhere. It has a whole life, a long journey that shapes it into the beautiful and cherished artifact that it is.  Maybe it was a medicine bottle, made in 1935 in a factory in Lewiston. Someone bought that glass bottle in Boothbay and maybe that medicine saved their life. Maybe the person it saved was a mother and her 10 year old son took the empty bottle, filled it with a note and threw it into the ocean, where it smashed against the rocky Maine coast and spent 20 years tumbling in the sea until a 10 year old girl picked it up on a beach in Rockland. She took it home, put it in her jewelry box, and has it to this day. When she looks at it, she smiles and remembers being a child.  

A piece of beach glass has a history behind it. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. It is worn, old, travelled, and it is all the more beautiful and rare for it. My clients are like beach glass. They have lived and experienced so much life, life that leaves them worn and weathered and all the more beautiful for it. Each one of my clients is a treasure.

I'm grateful for the privilege of working with them. 

All my best,
Lynn H. Peel
President, Beach Glass Transitions